4-axis Machining


Dynamic and Precise Fourth Axis

The DATRON Axis4 rotary axis expands the machining options of your DATRON milling machine. With a clamping mechanism, it allows multi-sided machining an circular engraving. Developed, tested and manufactured by DATRON, the rotary axis, with high dynamics and precision, is perfectly adapted to your DATRON milling machine.

Product features

  • For more options:
    multi-sided machining, circular engraving
  • Dynamics and precision for excellent results
  • Flexible use with optional accessories: three-jaw chuck, centric clamping device, tailstock
  • Precise alignment with the XYZ sensor (optional)
  • Easy positioning on the table with modular clamping technology
  • Simple switchover between a 3-axis and 4-axis machine
  • Plug-and-play connection in the working area

Compatible with*:

*The prerequisite for this is the DATRON next control system.

Optional accessories

DATRON Axis4 three-jaw chuck
(item no. 0A03704C)



DATRON Axis4 centric clamping device
(item no. 0A03704D)



DATRON Axis4 tailstock
(item no. 0A03704B)



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Precision rotary axis

This DATRON rotary axis is characterised by an especially high-quality structure, very high resolution and a maximum of backlash freedom. It offers high holding forces, e.g. for taking up clamping fixtures. Available in a single-turn or multi-turn design.
Robust gears running in an oil bath allow for low-friction operation and provide long-term reliability.

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